One of Us is Lying by Karen M. McManus {Review}

One of Us is Lying is one of those books that I had seen all over Instagram and the cover design was enough to pull me in to read its synopsis, and the second I did I was absolutely hooked. It was self-described as “The Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars”. I’ve not seen ether of those, so I went in totally blind to any potential references or parallels and still had an amazing experience. Continue reading

The Harry Potter Fan’s Guide To Edinburgh

Edinburgh has a lot to show off when it comes to Harry Potter as J.K Rowling moved there in the late 90’s and still lives there today. She wrote a lot of the Harry Potter books there and it seems that she was heavily influenced by this historic city.

If you are planning on going to Edinburgh and you’re a Potterhead, here’s a list of things to do and see to make the most out of your trip! Continue reading

Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan {Review}

Mr Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore is a book that is not easily reviewed whilst staying away from spoilers – but I will do my best and promise to keep this spoiler free for you all! I’m also going to refer to the book as simply Penumbra’s for the rest of this review.

Penumbra’s is a good story, but, unfortunately, it’s flawed – I also believe that it’s marketed to the wrong audience. I think it would have had more success as a young adult novel, rather than an adult one. Continue reading

Belle by Cameron Dokey {Review}

I found Belle to be a pretty original, if somewhat lacking in parts, retelling of the traditional Beauty and the Beast story – but then again I’ve not read Beauty by Robin McKinley. Despite this, there were parts of the book that I really liked and parts that I really didn’t. it seemed that the entire novel was based on the premise of one step forward but two steps back.

It was so close yet so far! Continue reading

Paintbrush by Hannah Bucchin {ARC Review}

Paintbrush was a strange book for me because it wasn’t your typical YA contemporary, and yet it was absolutely your typical YA contemporary. I think the best way for me to give my opinion on this is to say that perhaps this book is best suited to those who haven’t yet been jaded by life.

YA contemporary is not my go-to genre because, quite frankly, I find myself far too cynical for it. There are many plot points in YA contemporary novels that I end up rolling my eyes or yawning in complete boredom at and it would be unfair of me to say that Paintbrush is full of them because it’s not, but there are enough of them to make the more sardonic reader grunt from time to time.   Continue reading

Areh by Jeffrey Kinsey {Review}

Illustrated books tend to divide readers – some love them and think they add to the story and others think that they limit the reader’s imagination. My preference depends on the book’s intended reader. For example; I’m all for illustrations in books for children (and here I’d like to differentiate between ‘children’ and ‘young adult’) but I don’t usually like to see illustrations in any other books unless they are special illustrated editions – such as the gorgeous Harry Potter books illustrated by the amazing Jim Kay!

But Areh promises a “decadently lush visual experience quite unlike any other” – so naturally my interest was piqued. Illustrations, to me, are usually a nice addition to books, but with Areh they are just as much a part of the book as the words are. Continue reading