American Blues by Evan Guilford-Blake {Review}

Short story collections can be very hit or miss when all of the stories in the collection have the same author. But American Blues is a rare gem that stands out from the crowd. It demands your attention and then it breaks you. Continue reading


A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal Sutherland {ARC Review}

Each member of Esther Solar’s family is consumed and obsessed by a fear and Esther believes it’s because of a family curse bestowed upon her grandfather and passed down through the family that eventually results in that family member’s death. Trying to outsmart the curse and the reaper, Esther makes a semi-definitive list of worst nightmares of things to avoid for the rest of her life, but then Jonah Smallwood comes back into her life and Esther, reluctantly, comes to realise, with Jonah’s help, that it’s time to face her fears. Continue reading

Book of Fire by Michelle Kenney {ARC Review}

A great war has practically eradicated human life, but there are two groups who have survived…the Insiders and the Outsiders. Arafel is home to the people who survived on the outside, they have learned from nature and have adapted to survive. Those on the inside live in the Dome, a militarized community sealed off from the outside. The citizens of the Dome have been led to believe that no one has or could survive on the outside by their vicious, cold and calculating leader Octavia.

One day, Arafel is invaded and some of Talia’s (our MC) family are taken. Arafel holds a deep secret, a secret that can save all of humanity and Octavia will stop at nothing to get it. What she doesn’t count on is that Talia will stop at nothing to get her family back. Continue reading

Lady Mechanika: La Dama De La Muerte {ARC Review}

I’d never heard of Lady Mechanika before reading this story. This was my first introduction to her and her story and from the back cover this is what I learned: she’s the result of an evil scientist’s experiment and has no idea who she is, but she knows she’s different – she’s strong and no longer fully human. All of this was wrapped up in a steampunk package and I was intrigued to say the least! Continue reading

The Tiger’s Watch by Julia Ember {ARC Review}

I didn’t think that The Tiger’s Watch would be for me; I’m not a huge fantasy reader (I’ve dabbled but it’s not my genre of choice) and the page count is low which made me wonder how much of a fantasy world could be built in a believable way in such a short space. But I’m glad I gave it a go!

The Tiger’s Watch is a novel about a society of spies who can bond with an animal and use them to aid in their missions. Once bonded, they are bonded for life, so depending on the natural lifespan of the animal, their life could be cut very short or extended. The same happens with the humans – if a human dies, so does their bonded animal. When invaders arrive in the country, our main character must use their skills to attempt to take down the enemy from within. Continue reading

Mr. 60% by Clete Barrett Smith {ARC Review}

Mr. 60% follows the story of Matt Nolan who is the unofficial care giver for his uncle Jack who is dying of cancer. Matt feels that he is the only real choice for caregiver for his uncle and he can’t get ‘official’ help from the government. Due to this, Matt is forced to sell and distribute illegal drugs in order to pay for Jack’s needed legal ones.

Due to all of this his grades fall but he manages to keep them at a steady 60% so that he isn’t failing. He basically does the bare minimum to get by, and unfortunately that’s how I feel about this story – the bare minimum effort has gone in to get published, but 60% does not make a good book. Continue reading

S.T.A.G.S by M.A.Bennett {ARC Review}

S.T.A.G.S. is one of those novels that drew me in based on its brief cover synopsis: “Nine students. Three blood sports. One deadly weekend.” – I didn’t even need to read the back cover! I was already hooked! Unfortunately, I don’t think this book lived up to its hype and whilst I liked it and really did enjoy it, it had some serious flaws that stopped this from being all it easily could have been. Continue reading